71% of Property Investors Have a Problem

Across Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, UK and most other developed markets, investors struggle to go beyond just a couple of rental properties. Why? Its because no one teaches about scalability when it comes to property investing. We are changing all of that...


The Market Is Full of Noise

Capital gains or cashflow? Buy now or later? Go floating or fixed on interest rates…interest only or principle and interest – These are some of the most basic questions about Real Estate investing, yet so many people have no clue as to what are the right answers.

The Real Estate Investment Basics course will teach you all the basics without all the fluff and the falacy of conventional wisdom – which is DOWNRIGHT BULL S**T.

Expected Outcomes

Outcomes are the most essential aspect of our courses. We have no interest in selling courses online that do not drive action – it is against our core mission.

Anyone that completes this course will walk away with clear, concise and actionable information that will help them understand how the Real Estate market works.

The objective of this course is to help you recognize which aspect of real estate investing is best suited for you. Once you know the basics, how things work, the risk factors, the rewards and the amount of work involved, you will be able to select the appropriate specialist module, be it SMART Renovator, SMART Portfolio or SMART Developer.

Key Highlights

Insights: Toward the beginning of the course, you will be exposed to some key insights into the Australian and New Zealand Real Estate Industry. This will help you understand some of the performance indicators used in the industry to recognize movement.

Dynamics: This is by far one of the most essential parts of the course. Here, you will learn the key dynamics and what drives the Real Estate industry. How artificial growth is created, how to cut through the bull sh*t if quantitative easing and the lies peddled by the banks to recognise what really is happening in the market. Knowing this, you will have the upper hand in recognising opportunities before the rest of the pack does.

Logistics: Real Estate transactions aren’t complex however, in some cases, there can be multiple moving parts involved. Knowing how the logistics work in terms of getting a deal done is an important aspect of acquiring the basic knowledge of becoming a real estate investor. From signing the sale and purchase agreement to getting the keys in your hand. Its all covered in this section.

Legals: Given that buying a property for your own use or investing in one is by far the most expensive monetary transaction most people will ever undertake in their lifetime, it is only fitting that you know the legalities of this before entering into such a transaction. From working with the lawyers, to understanding your tax dis/advantages, to knowing your settlement obligations – its all covered in this section.

Execution: There’s absolutely no point in engaging in any training if you have no intention of executing with intent and swift action. This section talks about putting it all in perspective in terms of what’s involved in executing a real estate transaction from start to finish. From finding the deal, to securing lending, to signing paperwork, to getting the money transferred all the way to getting the keys in hand – the complete A-Z of a transaction is covered here.

Course Curriculum

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